Monitiq SAP® HANA edition datasheet

Intelligent SAP monitoring

Monitiq SAP® HANA Edition

SAP infrastructure resiliency is key to delivering a stable, secure environment to protect your investment and enable BAU process by ensuring high-availability of mission-critical IT services.

Creating a cohesive environment between your analytic and IT teams is a complex strategy requiring specialist skills and constant monitoring.  Utilising a dedicated Intelligent SAP monitoring service can remove the requirement for specialist resource to be overwhelmed with additional responsibility and time-consuming admin tasks.

The solution

Monitiq SAP® HANA Edition has been built from the ground up, to monitor the next generation of in-memory data analytics and provides detailed intelligence behind an easy-to-use dashboard enabling super-fast root cause analysis in real-time.

Based in the cloud, Monitiq interprets and transforms OS agent’s data and pre-emptively delivers alerts, reducing critical system failures to produce a unified IT environment.

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Providing infrastructure resiliency and high availability is Monitiq’s goal, helping you realise benefits such as:

  • Faster route cause analysis;
  • Reduced unplanned outages;
  • Better resource planning;
  • Reduced specialist skill-set requirement;
  • Faster time-to-value.

SAP HANA Key Features

  • GPFS disk availability and status
  • Fusion IO health and lifespan
  • Internal RAID status
  • HANA Memory in use per environment
  • Real-time alerting for your SAP HANA infrastructure

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