SAP HANA Proof of Value DatasheetSAP HANA Proof of Value Appliance

Centiq’s SAP HANA proof of value appliance for HANA combines SAP software components with optimised hardware architecture to provision a multi-purpose, data-source agnostic solution in a fully certified black-box appliance, offering the only fully mobile, on-site assessment of SAP HANA.

When assessing the benefits of any potentially transformational technology, we understand that it’s often a requirement to properly quantify just how much additional value is gained when deploying new applications such as SAP HANA.

Whilst Centiq can point to countless successful, referenceable deployments, it’s often the more specific, personalised detail that helps you to identify the most critical areas and use-cases to support your decision.

To assist in you in this process, Centiq has invested in a number of fully configured, completely mobile SAP HANA proof of value appliances (256GB and 512GB) for use locally, within your existing SAP landscape so you can assess the benefits directly.

The PoV appliance is typically deployed for around 4 to 6 weeks to clarify, measure and prove the benefits of implementing SAP HANA.

Benefits include: Typically, a PoV will consist of:
  • Unique, tailored approach
  • Seamlessly provisioned
  • Self contained, on-site deployment
  • Integrated end-to-end SAP HANA landscape
  • Customer centric evaluation of real data
  • Discovery workshop to agree objectives and success criteria
  • Deployment of Centiq’s SAP HANA PoV to site for integration
  • Conduct PoV program for the agreed period
  • Decommissioning of appliance and return to Centiq
  • Review of results and agreement of requirements for full deployment

Most importantly, Centiq’s SAP HANA PoV facility is provided at no cost to customers.  Whilst there is a minimal charge applied to cover the cost of configuring the appliance, setting up the facility and delivering to site, this is fully refunded once a full deployment of an appliance is made making the service completely free of charge.

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