SAP HANA overview from CentiqSAP HANA

Centiq’s SAP HANA in-memory appliance combines SAP software components with optimised vendor architecture to provision a multi-purpose, data-source agnostic solution in a fully certified appliance or cloud-based solution.

Expert knowledge combined with innovation through multiple vendor partnerships and SAP delivering rapid time to results.

Whatever the sector, in today’s highly-competitive business climate, immediate access to, and effective analysis of business data can mean the difference between success and failure for an organization. It is often the case that this information must be available real-time and delivered to all levels of management within the enterprise.

As companies continually look to cut operational costs and to optimise their revenues by responding to competition and market trends, their ability to analyse critical business data from numerous sources is key to understanding customer behaviour and gaining competitive advantage. Traditional approaches to BI have quickly reached their limits leaving many customers wanting.

SAP HANA Process flow

With the introduction of SAP HANA, this previous impossibility now becomes a reality.  Using our SAP certified appliance combined with SAP software components allows businesses to immediately access, model and analyse all of their transactional and analytical data in real time – from virtually any source.

SAP HANA Key Benefits

  • Accelerate business performance
  • Reduce TCO (less hardware, maintenance and management)
  • Integrated, innovative new applications
  • Interrogate multi-data sources in numerous ways
  • Better decision making through deeper business insight

Centiq’s approach is through a dedicated end-to-end service that combines specialist expertise and experience in deploying the SAP HANA system to a multitude of organisations with varying capabilities.

Taking you from your business objectives to our discovery workshop, implementation, development and testing through to production then onto go live, Centiq don’t just stop there.  Genuine added value provided by our in-house dedicated Intelligent SAP Monitoring service, monitiq, we ensure your new investment is protected enabling a resilient,  highly-available IT landscape.

Beginning with a discovery workshop to discuss you goals, BI roadmap and value proposition, we provision and configure a portable proof of value appliance for use within your existing IT environment to assess your specific use-cases.

By partnering with Centiq as your SAP HANA specialist our customers have exclusive access to:

  • Discovery and assessment services to maximize business impact
  • Architecture assessment and benchmark services
  • Proof of value and discovery workshop services
  • Express deployment offerings, including industry best practices

The SAP HANA appliance software consists of several SAP components including the SAP HANA database and related data replication technologies.  The appliance software comes pre-installed on a specific appliance hardware system delivered in conjunction with leading Centiq hardware partners.

Your SAP HANA will be optimised and certified specifically for SAP in-memory deployments.  Sizing, integration and on-going management and support services are delivered by Centiq’s consultants, all fully trained and certified by our appliance partners and SAP.

Offering rapid results through realisable benefits including real-time decision making, seamless deployment, quick integration and dramatic improvements in planning, forecasting and many other business processes.  Built on a flexible and scalable architecture, your investment today is protected long into the future.

Together, Centiq, our appliance partners and SAP enable the analysis of this extensive amount of data and empower organizations to make real-time decisions based on accurate information.