With your solution seamlessly implemented and set up, Centiq go that step further by also protecting your investment by delivering a resilient, highly available infrastructure protected by our dedicated cloud-based SAP monitoring service monitiq. We deliver cost-effective real-time alerting for proactive and preventative action for your mission critical IT systems.

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Support Overview

Managed Services

Protecting your investment and delivering a highly available, tailored support service for your SAP HANA landscape.

Centiq’s HANA managed service, has been designed to cater for all our appliance partners’ individual SAP HANA solutions and every landscape size enabling us to build your complete blended support profile to fit your specific requirements.

Intelligent SAP Monitoring with monitiq

Our SAP monitoring service delivers genuine value added benefits, ensuring high-availability of mission-critical IT services.  By monitoring your new investment at an OS level and viewing your entire IT estate from one single dashboard view, we can customise threshold levels to deliver email or SMS alerts for proactive and preventative action.

monitiq is available to all customers taking out our SAP managed support service.

HW & SW Maintenance

Whichever you choose as your hardware vendor of choice for your architecture, you will require a maintenance contract for it.  Centiq have a fantastic selection of multi-year hardware maintenance offers for each SAP HANA solution.

By combining into one contract with Centiq managed services including monitiq and your vendors’ hardware maintenance, you can achieve great year-on-year savings.  All of this will be discussed in the initial discovery workshop.

High Availability

By combining our managed service with the intelligent SAP monitoring software monitiq, your SAP HANA investment has the dedicated resources and team behind it to deliver high availability to your organisation that meets your IT SLA targets.

Keeping your new investment available when your teams need it is time consuming, but our specialist’s work 24/7 to resolve any alerts that monitiq flags proactively before they affect mission-critical IT services.