From time to time you'll want to check that the progress of your investment. TCO and value proposition metrics to IT performance and support options are some of the driving forces behind the decision to expand your landscape and will need to be reviewed.
If it's time to scale up or out then Centiq's linear pricing model and route to delivery are already with you and very clear.

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Continually adding value to your investment even after launch with regular reviews

Unlike other VARs Centiq don’t just stop after delivering hardware to you.  Our team of specialists are with you throughout the project and long after to help support your investment, reviewing your IT performance and optimising where necessary to proactively keep your SAP HANA appliance highly available.

The cycle shouldn’t just stop at go live.  There should be regular review sessions to ensure you’re getting the most from your investment, and when scalability is required, Centiq already have the details and plan in place from the original project to enable a seamless upgrade.

Using your original dedicated specialist who configured and implemented your first project helps maintain your BAU processes.

Linear Pricing models

The great thing with Centiq’s SAP HANA solutions are that they are modular in design and can be scaled up or out incredibly easily.

Transparent pricing models mean that if your 1TB appliance and support solution costs X1 today, then when you need to scale out or up in the future, the linear pricing model for 2TB is X2, then X3 and so on…

Not happy with your current SAP HANA progress?

If you are coming to us from a failed launch of SAP HANA or you aren’t happy with the progress of your current project, then Centiq can help you get your investment back on track.

Starting at the review stage, we’ll go through your initial business case and implementation structure, take on board all your current development progress and produce a new plan to build your trust and get you where you need to be.