Having passed the development and testing stages Centiq are now ready to roll this into your production environment. Setting up your intelligent SAP monitoring and 24/7 managed service support, hardware and software maintenance so they all come together in this stage. Centiq's goal here is to deliver a highly available analytics service to benefit your teams directly from the outset whilst proactively supporting your investment into the future.

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Intelligent SAP monitoring begins in the production phase.


Intelligent SAP Monitoring with monitiq

Throughout the production phase, Centiq begin to implement your support and maintenance processes and genuine added value through providing infrastructure resiliency and high availability to help you realise benefits such as:

  • Faster route cause analysis;
  • Reduced unplanned outages;
  • Better resource planning;
  • Reduced specialist skill-set requirement;
  • Faster time-to-value.

Managed Support Services

With such a large investment in SAP HANA infrastructure, you need a support service that knows what to look out for.  Centiq’s dedicated team of SAP support staff work 24/7 to keep your HANA landscape running when your staff need it.

Transparent pricing models mean that if your 1TB hardware and support solution costs X1 today, then when you need to scale out or up in the future, the linear pricing model for 2TB is X2, then X3 and so on.