Our experienced specialists will identify the right solution and hardware vendor that matches your budget, sizing, scalability, configuration and data security policy for this project. Centiq work closely with SAP and your chosen vendor to design your SAP HANA landscape as well as the support and maintenance framework afterwards.

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Site Installation

Centiq implement your SAP HANA by being the central point of contact for all the installation details.  Our project managers will work with yours to enable a seamless transition of your hardware and software installation.

Your chosen appliance will be pre-loaded in-house at Centiq based on the ghost image and pre-install document used for the proof of value.  The same specialist that installed and configured your proof of value appliance will also work on your new HANA appliance, to simplify the process and reduce time.

Data Services

Centiq have on hand SAP HANA data service specialists where required.  Able to action the points raised in the data security policy and import and set up your datasets to allow the required analytics to occur, based on the typical use cases identified at the discovery workshop.

Data Replication

Data replication is vital to every SAP HANA landscape.  To be able to connect several production systems and HANA systems to enable only the relevant real-time (and scheduled) data replication and deliver the ability to migrate between agnostic data sources is crucial to delivering the incredible analytical speeds both your business case and value proposition are based on.

Trigger based replication, ETL based replication and log based replication and all available methods to Centiq to tailor to your specific IT landscape and use cases.

HANA Landscape

Built from the information collected during the discovery workshop, Centiq will identify the necessary SAP HANA appliance software components to fulfil your business case and meet your value proposition.  This will include the database and any data replication technologies.  Identifying the use cases and scalability needs enables us to recommend the specific enterprise appliance from authorised leading SAP hardware partners.


Using the image from the proof of value portable appliance and the pre-install documents completed by you , Centiq will fully configure your HANA appliance at our offices ahead of any installation date.  For continuity and the same person that configures your PoV appliance will also configure your new HANA appliance, allowing for seamless integration into your IT landscape.


Sized to meet your current and future needs, and taking into account all the available SAP certified HANA hardware configurations.  Centiq will size the correct memory nodes perfect for your landscape, from 256GB and 512GB nodes to 1TB  and 2TB all the way up to a 16 node HANA system with 16TB memory with 1TB per node if ever required, each having the scalability to scale up and scale out as needed.

Data Security Policy

Data security plays a major role in consumer confidence and should be an important step in your SAP HANA design process.  Centiq will identify applicable critical data that is used by the SAP HANA database and the security mechanisms you’ll need to protect you data from being misused or viewed by the wrong job role within your organisation.

Disaster Recovery and System Replication

By design the set up of your SAP HANA landscape will have secondary nodes that replicate the current system and switch on in the effect of a system failure for the primary servers.  Centiq’s specialists have demonstrable experience designing solutions with varying backup nodes specifically for disaster recovery and system replication.