Go Live

Your organisation is now ready to roll out the ground breaking announcement that the next generation of analytics from SAP HANA is live. All the hard work from your project managers, analytics and IT team has all paid off. Roll this out to your teams through additional SAP training courses and let them deliver you the results your organisation expects.

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Go Live

You go live date has arrived, so congratulations on your successful launch of your SAP HANA appliance.  Now it time to turn that incredible speed, optimised architecture and increased business intelligence into real benefits through your staff.

Setting up training groups can speed this up and you’ll have your advanced users that have been working closely with us building the specific use cases that you’ll be using regularly.  Sharing this knowledge with your teams is the quickest route to fulfilling the value proposition set out.

Centiq don’t stop here!

Whilst other interested parties may take a back seat once the appliance and software are live, Centiq really show our commitment to you with our dedicated support and after sales team.

Centiq continue to support your investment with our 24/7 managed service and intelligent SAP monitoring service monitiq.

Your dedicated SAP HANA specialist is also on hand for any problems you may experience, being a valuable resource with complete knowledge of your infrastructure, how the project progressed and your use cases.