Discovery Workshop

Centiq’s award winning SAP HANA team will take you through a discovery workshop aimed at learning your requirements and discussing the options available. We’ll go through you current BI roadmap and help you generate your client business case and value framework. For added benefit Centiq's mobile SAP HANA appliances are provided for Proof of Value projects within your existing IT environment to assess your specific use-cases.

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Discovery Workshop

Discovery Workshop

Neither time nor resource hungry, our SAP HANA discovery workshop is a vital part of your evaluation, lasting 2-4 hours and covering the following topics:

  • Defining the business drivers for HANA
  • Review of the technical landscape
  • Defining the success criteria for the PoV
  • Assessment of the impact on the current BI roadmap
  • Identifying and defining prioritised cases
  • Creating the internal business case

Proof of Value

Centiq has invested in a number of fully configured, completely mobile SAP HANA proof of value appliances (256GB and 512GB) for use locally, within your existing SAP landscape so you can assess the SAP HANA benefits directly.

A seamlessly provisioned appliance with a self-contained on-site deployment integrated into your landscape to give a customer centric evaluation of real data.

BI Roadmap

The workshop discusses key points from your BI roadmap, identifies and plans the integration of various data sources into the SAP HANA environment and how to best interpret this data for greater intelligence and action points.

Validated Business Case

Creating a business case for moving to the business suite on HANA will really depend on whether the benefits can be quantified versus the cost of the hardware and software licenses.

The need to create a business case and evaluate fully whether this will be beneficial is critical.  Centiq will certainly be able to identify where an incremental decrease in processing times could bring a significant ROI in a short period of time, but there are a number of other details that you will need to consider before being able to make the case for moving to the next generation of in memory analytics and Centiq will discuss and help you create this.

Value Framework

Identifying what the TCO is and how to quickly the ROI occurs is critical to all SAP HANA investments.  Centiq will help identify not only the resource time savings from real-time analysis, but also genuine business value created through greater analytical intelligence and other use case scenarios.  You might have already been through the value framework with your SAP representative ahead of the discovery workshop, if so, we will check that it aligns well with the project.