Business Objectives

Typically you will have already spoken with your SAP representative regarding the business benefits of investing in SAP HANA. You will have gone through your business objectives plan and considered the use cases and how this can form the value proposition and basis for a high level business case. If this sounds like you, then Centiq are ready to move you onto the next stage and really get your investment off the ground.

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Business Objectives

Existing SAP Customer

Knowing your business objectives early on is crucial if your organisation is looking at implementing SAP HANA.  Chances are you’re already an existing SAP customer and have held initial talks with your SAP representative about the options available to you and how these fit into your business objectives plan.

Use Cases Identified

You will have already gone through the business opportunities available to you and what the use cases are for each of these.

Value Framework

You will have already sat down and discussed what the TCO is and how quickly the ROI occurs, not only the resource time savings from real-time analysis, but also genuine business value created through greater analytical intelligence from other use case scenarios.

BI Roadmap

Discussing your BI roadmap and plans for integrating various data sources into the SAP HANA environment.  Then how to best interpret this data for greater intelligence and action points.

Existing Vendor Architecture

The great thing about SAP HANA is that it is flexible to be optimised for each vendor and you don’t have to be tied to one vendor.  Centiq will identify the options available to you depending on your actual needs and identify to you which vendors are a match to them.  By doing it this way, you are not altering your use cases, ROI or resources to accommodate a specific vendor, instead they are chosen as a best-fit solution provider.

Centiq have SAP certified appliance solutions in place for all the leading enterprise architecture vendors.